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eLearning Development Coaching

Using eLearning Development Coaching, we share our years of experience, our processes, lessons learnt, tips and tricks that will enable you to maximise both the quality and the speed of your output.  We can ensure your business training needs are met and can be used time and time again.

We can help you with your eLearning needs:

Many who are now responsible for eLearning development may have had little formal training on HOW TO DEVELOP eLearning efficiently and effectively. We’re not talking about how to use Articulate or Captivate, there are plenty of great courses out there already that cover that. We’re interested in use our eLearning Development Coaching programme to share our years of experience, our processes, lessons learned, tips and tricks that will enable you to maximise both the quality and the speed of your output.

We work side by side with your internal team using our eLearning Development Coaching programme to teach them how to develop higher quality eLearning faster. Furthermore, we tailor each session to provide just the essential bits needed based on your teams current capability and experience. Not only will we train you, but we will also share all of our processes & procedures, tailoring each of them to fit your business and the way you work.

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Beyond Software

Understand the overall development process of effective eLearning. A step by step walk through of our tried and tested project plan including focusing on who does what at each stage and how to mitigate the risks with review cycles and stakeholder management. We can even develop a tailored version of this plan for your business to fit your specific needs and structure.

Know your place

Identify the key roles within the development cycle; get more from your stakeholders. Introduce and discuss the various roles in a typical eLearning project e.g. Instructional Designer, Graphic Artist, Art Director, Course Builder, Quality Assurance, Voiceover, Video etc. We will also share our top tips on how to work with and manage a virtual team effectively to keep everyone on track and up to speed with what you are doing.

Top Tool Tips

Learn the secrets from our experts, tools and tips that transform the eLearning experience. Review the various tools available to eLearning designers today including several free/online tools that help add a bit of magic to certain types of project. Covering everything from basic image & audio editing to DIY animations!

Design Do’s

eLearning design is still to many a black art, it’s the ‘secret sauce’ that can turn a good module into a GREAT module. We don’t deny that the best way to achieve this is by using professional Art Directors (as we do), however there are some simple tips and tricks to help you improve the look of what you develop in house and we’re happy to share these with you!

Stay Cool

Solid structures and sound processes are critical to manage complex eLearning projects. Keeping organised is fundamental to efficient design, knowing where all your digital assets are and which is the latest version can save you days of development time! The importance of staying organised and creating a ‘fool proof’ naming convention is a simple lesson but an important one. Equally file structure and version control is another easy win that ensures you are in control of your development process.


With eLearning Development coaching, we work side by side with your internal team to teach them how to develop higher quality eLearning faster whilst building a real module that works for your business

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Chichister college case study of eLearning Development Coaching

Digital is needed for a wide range of learning, students and centres

  • Get the most from the team you already have.
  • Expert processes and documentation bespoked to your business.
  • Learn how structure and organisation enables you develop faster.
  • Get a solid foundation in all the development tools available today.
  • Build a live module with the support of our team.
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