Managed LMS

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Managed LMS

We offer a managed LMS solution for businesses that have quickly outgrown “the old way” of training but aren’t quite big enough to fund a dedicated team with the budget required for an in house Learning Management System.

That extra support you need with a new System:

If your business is growing fast this usually means more staff, which in turn means more training. Training small teams who are all based in the same office, in the same time zone is easy to manage. However when the time comes that you outgrow your office, you often also outgrow this approach to training and need to think digital!

The problem with starting the digital learning journey is that the first steps are critical as they pave the way to your long term digital learning strategy. You are confronted with a maze of decisions around tools and technology all of which come with a price tag and will require resource to manage.

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Learn Upon & CommsLearning LMS

We’ve partnered with one of the top LMS providers in the industry so we can offer you a low risk entry into the world of digital learning.

The Set Up

We will map out your organisation’s learning needs, identify competency and skills gaps, ensure all programmes are included whether eLearning, video, mobile or classroom, manage recurring compliance training requirements and keep on top of your organisation’s drive for productivity and efficiency.

Flexible and affordable

Once your LMS is set up, it works on an affordable fixed monthly fee and a minimum three month commitment. We will simply manage the LMS for as long as you need.

Managed LMS allows you to launch your LMS faster and with no additional load on your in house team.

The CommsLearning LMS includes:

  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting
  • Self-certification
  • Document library
  • Curriculum management
  • Progress tracking

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