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By 2020, nearly all employers will have implemented online learning to meet employees’ continuing education needs and desire for eLearning. As the use of mobile devices increases, so will the demand for mobile learning in corporate training, as well as general online learning.

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Become a digital learning master

Get the skills you need to build better eLearning faster

In this intensive, one-day Modern Instructional Design Workshop, we use your real-life work as an example to walk you through the fundamentals of eLearning design.
You’ll learn to:
  • streamline project builds
  • use modern eLearning tools
  • grab and keep learners’ attention
  • transform the eLearning experience for your team
Whether you are new to L&D or making the move to digital, this course will get up to speed on modern instructional design techniques. Maximum of 8 places available, so sign up today!
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“In just a few hours (and with a little help here and there!) I was able to create course content that looked modern, professional and had some really engaging functionality. Thanks for being generous with your knowledge Paul, I can’t wait to get my first module done!”

Sarah S.

On-demand design & development for eLearning  

Get the help you need and nothing you don’t

Augment your internal eLearning capabilities with our expertise to get more done in less time.

Our team of creative storytellers and experienced instructional designers work closely with you to build rich, engaging eLearning courses perfectly in tune with your brand.

When designing your eLearning we use:

  • the latest technology & techniques

  • your choice of development tool

  • as little of your time as possible

But the real reason you should work with us? When the project is done we hand over all source files and materials so can update your course without spending more money. Imagine that!

Get in touch today for a demo and examples of our previous work.
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Nail your product launch

Highlight the benefits of your offer with eLearning for marketing

Help your team hit those sales quotas with custom-built product training.

Our instructional designers know how to build creative, bite-sized modules for internal or external use… and we know how to do it on a deadline.

eLearning for marketing can:

  • improve sales performance by educating your reps

  • enhance customer satisfaction by demonstrating proper use

  • provide additional content for your marketing outreach

Using all the latest techniques & innovations, we create sleek, engaging learning experiences. Request a free demo to see it for yourself.
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“Without a doubt the most reliable and dependable service/solution provider I’ve had the pleasure to work with. . .Always prompt replies, nothing is ever impossible, everything is always dealt with with a smile and that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’; that personal touch that everyone strives for and some just got!”

Robert T.

Fully featured LMS that won’t bust your budget

Scalable, customisable, and still so affordable

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice functionality just because your audience is smaller or your needs more short term.

We offer turnkey learning management solutions that are flexible, secure, and cost-effective. Setup is easy and the entire platform can be customized to your brand.

We only require:

  • 3 month commitment

  • 50+ users

  • £500 setup plus £1/user

See it in action today, we can have you up and running by tomorrow!
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A picture video is worth a 1000 10,000 words

Give your people what they want… VIDEO LEARNING

The modern learner expects to learn in the office the same way they do when they are out of the office, by watching short how-to videos! Our experienced team will work closely and quickly with you to translate raw content into punchy knowledge bites that you can share in a variety of ways.

You get:

  • Custom design (We don’t use templates!)

  • Engaging storyboarding

  • A rang of professional voiceover artists

  • The MP4 & Source files

Get in touch today for sample videos and pricing.
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Speak your learners’ language

Localise your modules for a personalised eLearning experience

Translating the text is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to eLearning localisation. Working with either our translators or your internal team, we can localise your modules for the language, culture, and needs of your international audience.

We offer:

  • 95+ languages

  • your choice of learning platform

  • expandable team coupled with agile project management to hit your deadlines

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