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Adobe Captivate eLearning Designer

We facilitate the very latest in Adobe Captivate to become expert eLearning Designers in the field, utilising every design function the suite has to offer to create high quality presentations. Adobe Captivate is smooth and smart in the delivery of creating responsive and interactive eLearning content. The fluid design of the creator reduces authoring time with intelligence and helps seamlessly blend your content needs into fully functional dedicated courses for your business.



Although you can build good basic courses, you are looking for something extra for a particular project.



You may have a deadline that is simply unachievable without support or you just don’t have a big enough team to do it all



Some projects simply warrant a fresh approach to make them stand out and give them the impact you need.

Why work with us?

We’re ex

  • Create high quality courses fast

  • Super responsive content across multiple devices

  • Advanced design features with thousands of options

  • Results driven expert team to design for you

How we work with you

Adobe Captivate eLearning Designers can utilise the Adobe technology to create beautiful and fully responsive content across multiple devices without programming code and navigate more complex design procedures rapidly. Move desktop displays to mobile instantly, Adobe Captivate has created fluid and intelligent software to bring your training content to life with ease. Our eLearning Designers use Adobe Captivate to deliver the highest quality aspects of a professional training course you expect as part of your business.

Adobe Captivate offers thousands of options for typeface, images and graphic aspect control which automate across your course design, as well as offering multiple options for interactivity in your course including assessments, application simulations, HD video demos, and much more. The suite is designed for continued productivity as each course is designed and our team can guide your project using over 75,000+ free assets to create truly unique content for your training needs. In addition, every presentation is enabled for auto-migration across devices for the convenience of your candidates.

Adobe Captivate brings your ideas to life using highly creative transitions, responsive simulations and multiple options for assessment and development within your course content. Our team will work with you to develop your own scripts, develop your creative briefs and respond to your continual input to help you save valuable time, resources and create content much more quickly with their in-depth knowledge of Adobe Captivate.

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