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eLearning Templates

Many of our clients don’t need us! Yep you read that right, many of our clients have all the skills they need in house to develop eLearning. So where do we fit in?

If you’re interested in developing your own courses in-house, we’re willing to share our years of experience and wealth of design skills to create multi-purpose and fully interactive eLearning Templates for you in a tool of your choice.

We’ve learned that many of you now responsible for eLearning development have had little formal training on HOW to develop eLearning effectively and efficiently for your staff. Our expert eLearning design team can work alongside your business to teach you the tips and tricks of developing highly professional learning experiences which will enable you to maximise both the quality and speed of your output, and increasing the skill of your team along the way.

With eLearning Templates you are free to create as many bespoke eLearning packages for your business as you need, using as many of our multi-media functions as you like and choosing from limitless graphic assets to create a professional look yourself. You’re also free to alter the content from department to department, depending on the needs of your business and, if things should change, you can go back and alter content for amended eLearning experiences for your staff.

We’re happy to know we can support and facilitate the creation of professional eLearning courses for businesses throughout the world. The feedback from our clients speaks volumes about our techniques.

We have the skills and experience to build cutting edge templates.

We have learned through years of experience what works and what doesn’t for different styles of course. As such we pride ourselves on getting things right first time.

One thing all our clients love about working with us is our flexibility and appreciation that things can change along the way.

We build them you own them. Once your course is approved we handover all build and source materials leaving you in total control of your content (this is the same with our full bespoke projects too).

We are happy to share what we know and often follow up templates with on site handovers to ensure your team understands how to use it.

Elucidat eLearning Templates
Articulate eLearning Templates
Adobe Captivate eLearning Templates
Unicorn eCreator eLearning Templates

Contact us today to see examples of our work and for a detailed breakdown of what’s included in the price!

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