Cloud Authoring: Elucidat

A powerful web based tool that enables you and your team to develop html5 learning modules with an amazing look and feel and creating your own interactions without needing to know how to code.

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Cloud is key

Publishing to an LMS takes seconds and changes are delivered instantly with no need to re-upload to your LMS. You can edit everything in place with integrated commenting and reviewing, which will save you hours, and make multiple versions for translations or localisations easily, from one central resource.

One course for all devices

Your course will work perfectly on all Desktops, tablets and phones, out of the box, making it accessible to every learner. No need for mobile versions, Flash fallbacks or accessible versions, just by entering your content once, Elucidat will automate the rest.

Accessibility features

Elucidat courses are also Section 508 compliant and work in JAWS screen readers.

Built for virtual teams

This tool will help you in the creating process: your writers, designers, testers and developers can all collaborate on the same project and leave comments in situ.

Check out what you can do with Elucidat

Elucidat is simple, from an idea to a published course in 6 steps

1. Get Started with a theme or a custom design.

  • Quickly build elearning courses with our ready-to-go themes.
  • Custom themes provide you with brand control across all authors.
  • Your authors simply add content and design is taken care of.
  • Inbuilt HTML editor gives you 100% design control.

2. Configure course by adding pages and content

  • Quickly add pre-branded interactions.
  • Use gamification features to increase engagement.
  • Our multi-device compatibility future-proofs your elearning.
  • Test for different screen sizes – as you are building.

3. Collaborate with team members and stakeholders

  • Inbuilt online review and commenting system speeds up project delivery times.
  • Elucidat cuts out unnecessary steps in the development process so you can create more effective elearning in less time.

4. Quickly export LMS-ready file or publish online

  • Export content to any LMS. Supports SCORM, Tin Can (xAPI) & MOOC.
  • Built-in hosting also lets you share courses instantly with learners online.
  • Elucidat Rapid Release™ means you can update content in your LMS without having to re-upload SCORM files.
  • Accessibility compliant (Section 508).

5. Ready to use in all devices: Author once, Learn anywhere

Elucidat courses are multi-device compatible. They look beautiful on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Let us worry about the design – you focus on the content, and test as you author with our ‘Responsive slider’.

6. Analyse eLearning performance to improve learner experience

  • Track learners to find areas where you can improve the learning experience.
  • Use insight to quickly change and test different variations.
  • Share learner tracking data with other software systems via Elucidat API.
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Here you have the Elucidat “Yes list”!

  • Elucidat uses HTML5
  • Elucidat courses work in any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device
  • Elucidat courses fully support Internet Explorer 8
  • You can create courses that are fully responsive from large screens right down to mobile screens
  • You can tweak content for each screen size without creating separate versions
  • Elucidat courses work on iOS and Android phones and tablets
  • Elucidat supports any language, including Arabic and Mandarin
  • You can create courses with your own branding and design
  • You can create your own animations and interactions
  • You can produce fully SCORM compliant packages
  • You can create online versions of your courses to send by email
  • Elucidat courses integrate with your LMS
  • Elucidat courses are accessible and they meet Section 508
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