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Hosted LMS: Partner up with CommsLearning

We not only offer you a complete, easy to use and powerful LMS, but we will enable you and your team to make the most out of it.

Course Content

Import your course content in secondslogos-office

With CommsLearning LMS uploading course content is quick and easy. Courses can be created using Word, PDF, PowerPoint, Prezi, SCORM, Tin Can, video, audio, text and image content.

Videologos video

CommsLearning LMS supports high quality streaming for video based learning. Administrators can select their preferred method of delivery, including secure streaming of video. Our LMS also supports YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Brainshark video content.

SCORM & Tin Canlogos-scorm

CommsLearning LMS supports SCORM and Tin Can course content produced in all the major authoring tools, such as, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpringPro and Elucidat to name but a few.

Rich text editing & images

Easily edit text and image course content within the LMS.

Assignments & feedback

Users can upload assignments for tutors to mark and provide feedback on.

Learning paths

Create sequential or non-sequential custom paths to deliver a truly customised learning experience.


app@2x2Start selling your courses online

It takes less than 2 minutes to setup and configure your own eCommerce store within CommsLearning LMS and you can start selling your courses online today. Our eCommerce functionality enables you to deliver a secure and easy to use shopping cart experience to your customers.

logos-payment copy

Seamless payment gateway integration

CommsLearning LMS can be integrated with your PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe or Shopify account allowing you to provide a secure and easy to use shopping cart experience to your customers.

logos-social copySEO, analytics & social media

Full SEO configuration and Google Analytics integration available. Feature your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles within your store.

review@2xDiscount coupons & social proof

Reward loyal customers with discount coupons that can be redeemed against your courses. Use ratings and reviews to allow learners to recommend your online courses and increase your sales.

Bulk purchasing

Allow your clients to bulk purchase multiple courses on behalf of others through your LMS store.


CommsLearning LMS’s eCommerce functionality supports USD, CAD, AUD, GBP or EUR payments.


reportsReporting functionality

CommsLearning LMS comes with a wide range of pre-configured reports all of which can be exported to Excel or PDF as required. You can filter your reports by date ranges, groups, course status and even custom data fields.

logos-excelGenerate reports

Available reports include course status, training history, credit, exam, survey and sales reports. Reports can be generated to screen, exported to Excel or PDF, and can also be used to populate admin dashboard graphs and charts.

schedule@2xSchedule reports

Reports can be scheduled to run automatically on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for circulation to you and your colleagues.

Exams and Certification

4quiz@2xCreate your own online exams and quizzes

CommsLearning LMS’s extensive exam functionality includes question/answer randomisation, multiple question types, timed exams, answer feedback, max attempt options, reusable question banks and much more.  Exam results can be presented to the learner on screen so they can find out if they have passed or failed, identify the correct answers, or get answer feedback.

question@2xQuestion types

CommsLearning LMS supports a wide variety of question types including true/false, pick one, multiple correct answer, image based questions, list matching, sequencing and fill in the blank.

certificatesCreate your own certificates

Import and customise your own certificates which can be linked to courses and learning paths. Learners who successfully complete a certified course will automatically be awarded their certificate which they can print, download or save.

SCORM and Tin Can Support

aolImport SCORM & Tin Can courses in seconds

CommsLearning LMS boasts the most intuitive and neatest SCORM API and Tin Can API in the industry. Drag and drop your SCORM or Tin Can zip from your desktop into the CommsLearning LMS and watch it spring to life in seconds. No other learning management system does SCORM and Tin Can support like we do.

logos-scormSupported authoring tools

CommsLearning LMS supports SCORM and Tin Can course content produced in all the major authoring tools, such as, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpringPro and Elucidat to name but a few.

SCORM-Troubleshooting copySCORM & Tin Can troubleshooting

When you upload your SCORM or Tin Can course, CommsLearning LMS will validate it and provide you with feedback on any errors identified within the file so you can correct them and import the file again. SCORM and Tin Can settings can be edited within the LMS without the need to re-import your course. All SCORM and Tin Can files are securely stored in the cloud.

LRS Integration

LRS_Features_2x copyCommsLearning LMS can be seamlessly integrated with any Learning Record Stores on the market – Wax LRS by Saltbox, Grassblade LRS, WaterShed LRS or Learning Locker to name but a few. It only takes 30 seconds to configure the integration allowing the CommsLearning LMS to ship Tin Can statements to your LRS of choice.

Classroom Based Training

Sclassroomtrainingchedule classroom based training events

Create a fully blended learning experience using CommsLearning LMS’s ILT (Instructor-led training) functionality which allows you to schedule single and multi-session events. You can setup your locations, assign instructors, set capacity, mark attendance, and print rosters.

mapworldTimezone & iCal support

Our ILT functionality provides you with full timezone and iCal support including the option to send automated reminders prior to your class.

Mobile Learning

phonesiOS App

CommsLearning LMS is available to download as an iOS app making it easy for learners to complete their courses, exams and surveys on their iPhone or iPad. Learner progress and completion data are synced up to the LMS in real-time.

androidAndroid App

We have started development work on a new Android app which is due for release later this year.

Branding and White Labelling

dashboard2@2xCreate & brand client portals

Upload your logo or banner image, choose your preferred styling, and you are all set. Our portal branding allows you to bring your own look and feel to CommsLearning LMS, in seconds. CommsLearning LMS’s client portal functionality is ideal for those focused on the extended enterprise allowing you to create segregated, branded sub-portals in seconds for your customers, partners and clients.

license@2x1License courses out to your clients

Our LMS’s licensing functionality allows you to license your courses to your clients based on a number of course enrolments or a specific date range or valid period. Portal administrators can monitor usage of their licensed courses while you can also track usage providing you with excellent visibility on when to contact your clients about purchasing more course enrolments.

Customisable login page, emails & notifications

You can easily customise your login page. Customise emails and notifications, where you can specify your own Reply-To email address, are also available.

Make it your own

White label the LMS using your company or business website domains or subdomains e.g. or

Users and Groups

groups@2x1 copySet up groups to manage your training requirements

Create groups to easily manage your course enrolments by department, job role, location, etc. Select your courses, users and groups, to create your enrolments. Batch user upload and course enrolment is also available.

multiple_users@2x1Multiple user roles

Administrator, instructor, manager and learner roles are all available within the CommsLearning LMS.


Multiplelanguages languages supported

CommsLearning LMS is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Dutch. Admin users can set the default language for their portal and learners have the ability to choose their preferred language. We regularly add support for additional languages depending on customer demand.

Single Sign-On and API

Single sign-on keyconfiguration

Single sign-on (SSO) enables learners to link directly from an intranet or corporate network to their personal learning portal without having to login again. Configure SSO in minutes via SAML or Signed Query String.

AapiPI integration capabilities

CommsLearning LMS’s two-way API can be used to create users, add them to groups or enrol them in courses and extract user and course completion data.


We also have a neat webhook feature that can automatically push events that matter to you, so you do not have to call our API to grab your learners training history.

Security and Scalability

securitySafe and secure learning management system

CommsLearning LMS is fully secured over HTTPs/SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and the system undergoes a rigorous, independent penetration tests several times a year.

goalScalable learning solution

CommsLearning LMS scales easily with your business.  

clockHighly reliable LMS

Comms Learning LMS is highly reliable with an uptime of over 99.99%. Using our Content Delivery Network (CDN), your course content is always close to your learners, wherever they may be. CommsLearning LMS’s infrastructure caters for scaling and load-balancing during peak usage times, with our automated monitoring keeping a close eye on your content delivery and usage, your need for security, reliability and scalability is in good hands.

From £1.20 user/month

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Planning made easy

You can create, upload, catalogue, track and deploy eLearning, assessments, events, videos, audio, eBriefings, webinars, and surveys. Display individual face-to-face events via the Events Calendar or organise, promote and manage events for users via the Event Management System with clear visibility of registration and approval status.

Get the most out of them

It will contribute to improving staff performance through Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Training and Competency (T&C) workflows and forms as well as Appraisal Management via SkillsServe’s advanced activity planning, scheduling, recording and tracking tools.

Track them down

Now you will be able to manage staff performance through a comprehensive range of reports and information including traffic light dashboards which provide a simple, immediate overview of staff activity completion, with the ability to drill down and report at a granular level.

And because you’re in control, your LMS grows with your business

Reasons why you need and LMS:

When it’s time for your company to move up a gear, you’ll recognise the need to formalise learning and the most effective way of doing this is with an online learning management system, or LMS.

Our LMS allows you to personalise homepages, create individual training plans and track and manage everyone’s personal development.

It also allows you to create your own assessments, online learning and appraisals – everything you need is just one click away.

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