Our Journey

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In the beginning

We started our journey as specialists in the IT/Telecom industry, offering instructor led training for network engineers and sales teams across the UK. This foundation of traditional classroom based training gave us the ideal platform to grow from, allowing us to understand first hand the pros and cons of traditional delivery techniques when moving to a more blended approach.

Beginning to blend

We took our first steps into blended learning with Vodafone UK when we transitioned the Network Fundamentals instructor led course we were running for their sales teams into a combination on Webinars and eLearning. We’ve not looked back since!

Great clients = Great experience

We have had the pleasure and privilege to work with many great clients over the years, to the extent that we are now considered the preferred learning and communication partner to a broad range of global clients, spanning finance, retail, technology and media industries.

Going global

Back in 2014 CommsLearning set up offices in New Zealand and Australia. Both offices operate on the same technical training foundations as the UK business and continue to share best practices and work closely together – Even offering ‘follow the sun development’ on some projects!

Paul Service
Paul ServiceDirector of Digital Learning
I’ve worked with technology for the past 17 years of my career. From my first job at college running a computer class for children to my role today as Boss of CommsLearning UK. In-between those two extremes I have worked for the likes of Intel and Vodafone as well as spending several years in the public sector as well as a stint at an exam board!

I love technology and the possibilities it opens up both in education and the wider world. Whether it’s integrating augmented reality into learning, the latest phone or a neat new cloud platform if its new and unique, I want to know more…

I also love a challenge! Whether it’s a small start-up, a struggling business unit or a turnaround – this is where I excel. Since taking over CommsLearning back in 2006 we have almost doubled our turnover year on year. I am also a volunteer business coach as part of the New Enterprise Allowance scheme, helping people realise their dreams and launch their own business.

For 2015 I am working hard on growing the business to extend our reach of happy loyal customers into new and exciting areas. We also have a few innovative new ideas up our sleeves which you will hear more about later in the year.

The Team

Our people are what make our work really stand out. We recruit people not only on their technical or functional ability, but more importantly on their team working and lateral thinking. One lesson we’ve learnt over the years that stands out above all others is the importance of fast, efficient and effective communication.

Our Specialities

The most important role in any project. They are the brains behind the concept and are responsible for ensuring that the raw content is brought to life in an engaging way, yet still aligns with the learning objectives.
Acting as the middleman between the build team and the client. Ensuring everyone knows exactly what they need to do by when, adjusting the plan when required.
The look and feel of a course is very important, and this responsibility falls to the art director to design the overall style of the module in line with the client brand guidelines.
These people take their lead from the Art Director and are in charge of building the individual elements for key screens.
Most of our projects now include an element of animation. Animators take an often complex concept and bring it to life in a way that is quick and easy to understand.
Video is also becoming much more common in the learning we produce. As such we often employ film teams to either shoot custom footage, or to tweak and enhance footage supplied to us.
We have a small pool of dedicated actors who we’ve used for many short video scenarios.
Powerful and impactful voiceover is one of the most important elements. Using strong experienced voiceover artists pays dividends when it comes to the finished result.
Last but by no means least are our wordsmiths, who once the content is signed off work through the scripts and screens line by line. They are not only responsible for crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, but also looking for better ways to use language to create maximum impact.

Our Clients