Video Learning

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Video Learning


There are times when you want something different to a “traditional eLearning”. If you need to communicate with your teams in a fast, fun and effective way… Video is the answer!

Short, punchy video clips boost retention, highlight key concepts and really engage with today’s media hungry learners. By using video Learning clips as part of a blended learning program, you will not only improve the increase the retention of existing courses but also allow you to extend the reach of your learning beyond the LMS.

Here is why:

  • Short – We don’t always have time for a 30 min module
  • Current – Most people turn to YouTube to learn a new skill
  • Lively – Short. means fast paced which keeps learners engaged
  • Mobile – Video is the most responsive format out there
  • Multi Purpose – They work great as a sales tool too
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Every video starts with a concept and a great storyline – And this is where our team excels!

Bringing content to life

We take your source material and break it into scenes that bring the learning objectives to life! Our designers and animators will work with you to create beautiful rich, engaging video content that looks great and all within your brand guidelines. This could include ‘green screen’ video shoots, putting actors into any scene you could imagine or an entirely bespoke cartoon character style clip to make things a bit more fun.